News and Diary Dates

Diary Dates

  • Saturday, 9th March - Major Mustard traditional puppet theatre for adults
    Main Hall, 7:30pm-9:30pm - Celtic Tales

  • Sunday, 10th March - Circle Cinema
    The Italian Job (PG). Main Hall, doors open 6:15pm for refreshments with a 7:15pm screening. See website for details, ticket prices and membership details.

  • Sunday, 17th March - Nettlefold Volunteer Day
    Come any time between 10.00 and 15.00 for as long or as little time as you can spare. Bring garden gloves, spade, fork, broom. If you live close one or two wheelbarrows might be useful!

  • Saturday, 6th April - Fish & Chip Quiz
    Main Hall. 7:30pm start.

  • Good Friday, 19th April - Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
    Nettlefold Garden, 12-2pm

  • Sunday, 28th April - Circle Cinema
    High Society (U). Main Hall, doors open 6:15pm for 7:15pm screening. See website for details, ticket prices and membership details.

  • Tuesday, 30th April - Local History Talk

  • Saturday, 11th May - Moor Pool in Bloom Plant Sale
    East Pathway starting at 11am.

  • Saturday & Sunday, 11th & 12th May - Moorpool Bowls Club Open Event
    2pm - 4pm. All welcome. Free entry. Refreshements available.

  • Thursday, 16th May - Moor Pool Reading Group
    7:30 - 8:30pm. Lower Hall, All welcome.

  • Sunday 19th May - Nettlefold Garden Butterfly Conservation Day
    Nettlefold Garden, 2pm

  • Tuesday, 4th June - Local History Talk

  • Sunday, 16th June - Circle Cinema
    Film tba. Main Hall, doors open 6:15pm for refreshments with a 7:15pm screening. See website for details, ticket prices and membership details.

  • Saturday, 22nd June - Fish & Chip Quiz
    Main Hall. 7:30pm start.

  • Saturday,13th July - Wildlife Talk on Butterflies

  • Tuesday, 23rd July - Watt the World Needs Now STEM Craft Event
    free drop in family craft activity.

  • Tuesday, 23rd July - Local History Talk

  • Sunday, 15th September - Moor Pool Heritage Festival

  • Tuesday, 24th September - Local History Talk

  • Saturday, 19th October - Fish & Chip Quiz
    Main Hall. 7:30pm start.

  • Saturday, 26th October - Moor Pool Memories / Vintage Fair
    Main Hall. 7:30pm start.

  • Tuesday, 5th November - Local History Talk
    Main Hall. 7:30pm start.
  • Quick links:

    Reading Group

    Wildlife Group

    Circle Cinema

    Heritage Festival

    Moor Pool Heritage Trust

    Moor Pool Fund Raising

    Moor Pool in Bloom

    Regular Events

    The estate has a wide range of active clubs and societies that are open to residents and non-residents. There is no need to make an appointment, just come along. Full details on the Moor Pool Heritage Trust web site.

  • Coffee Mornings

    Coffee mornings are held on the last Saturday of the month (excluding December), 10:30 - 12:00, in the Lower Hall (or Bowling Club at times of fine weather). All are welcome and, as usual, any donations of cakes will be gratefully received.

  • Farmer's Markets

    Held on Harborne High Street on the second Saturday of each month.

  • Ward Meetings

    Edgbaston Constituency Office
    Harborne West
    326 High Street
    Birmingham, B17 9PU
    Tel. 0121 675 0955

  • Moorpool News & Wine

    Raj and her family stock an excellent selection of foods and household necessities, and also provide an unbeatable range of services, now including the Health Lottery and UPS parcel drop & collect, all right at the heart of our community.

    From fresh samosas, mobile top-ups, stamps, and dry-cleaning, to cash facilities, medicines, a copier / fax, and tempting offers, there really is something for everyone, so please... shop local.

    Credit cards accepted. Orders welcome. Deliveries made. Open Mon to Fri 7am - 7pm, Sat 7.30am - 7pm & Sun 7.30am - 1pm. Telephone 0121 428 1061. Email

    A MESSAGE FROM RAJ at Moorpool News & Wine on the Circle
    My family is proud to have served the Moorpool community from this corner shop for nearly a decade. In light of recent changes on the estate we are keen to extend a warm welcome to the many new residents and invite them to come in and see everything we have to offer as there really is something for everyone. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support and ask any remaining residents who have yet to shop local to please... just give us a try because WE RELY ON YOUR REGULAR CUSTOM.



    • St. Peter’s Church, Harborne

      Fr. Graeme has asked us to put out the word that the post of Verger at St. Peter’s Church has become available. He would be grateful if you have any way of making that known and if anyone is interested in Harborne history and churchmanship, they can contact him on:

      The post of Verger is an ancient one and the role is very flexible, with weddings and funerals providing fees for attendance. There are lots of other tasks that could be included but it depends on the time that people can give. It would probably suit a non-working person best as funerals tend to take place during the week.

    • Moor Pool Heritage Trust Acquires Community Facilities

      The Moor Pool Heritage Trust (MPHT) is delighted to announce that as of 19th December 2014, we have now completed the acquisition of the Moor Pool community facilities from Grainger Plc.

      We could not have done this without the fantastic support of our residents and the wider local community in helping raise the £325,000 required.

      To all of you who supported us, we say a huge thank you on behalf of the Trust. Also, to all our volunteers – we are indebted to you for the time, energy, enthusiasm and skills you have committed to the project.

      We look forward to ensuring that these heritage facilities are restored and remain a critical part of the community for future generations.

      The Trustees, Moor Pool Heritage Trust

    • The Moor Pool Heritage Trust now owns the Spinney Garages

      The Moor Pool Heritage Trust completed the ownership of the Spinney garages from Banner Homes on Friday 4th October. This marks a landmark step in the Trusts overall plan to take on ownership of the local community facilities for the benefit of the community.

      The completion of the ownership of the Builders Yard will probably be next followed by the allotments. The rents from the garages at the Spinney and Builders Yard will provide a long-term income stream for the Trust as part of its comprehensive business plan.

      The Trust would like to express its thanks to Banner Homes and to Trustee Becky Phillips who has spent considerable time and effort seeing through the legal work required.

      Rob Sutton
      Chair MPHT

    • Tricia's New Books

      Tricia Cusack's new book - Framing the Ocean, 1700 to the Present (edited by Tricia Cusack) is to be published by Ashgate in April 2014.
      Full details here

      Tricia Cusack's new book - Art and Identity at the Water’s Edge (edited by Tricia Cusack) was published in July 2012.
      Full details here

    • Moor Pool Heritage Trust achieves charitable status

      Unfortunately just too late for the public meeting at the Moor Pool Hall on the 23rd July, the Trust has received confirmation from the Charity Commission that the company has achieved charitable status and has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1148252.

      This is an important step forward.

      It will enable the Trust to reclaim tax on donations significantly increasing their value.

      It will open up a far greater number of grant providers who only deal with organisations with charitable status.

      It gives recognition to the aims of the Trust and enhances the Trusts credibility.

    • Japanese Knotweed Update

      As the problem of Japanese Knotweed has been ongoing for a least 5 years without any successful treatment being undertaken, a petition was presented to Birmingham City Council to take some action to finally sort the issue out. A site visit took place on the 22nd June. Present were Rob Sutton MRA, Liz Muir MRA and Joe Hayden, the BCC Constituency Parks Manager. Joe Hayden was taken on a tour of the Knotweed sites which include the Circle, the Bowling Green, the Square and the Orchard. Additional growth to the rear of the Circle flats was also identified during the tour. We have now received a report from Joe Hayden and this will be conveyed to members of the Ward Committee on the 26th July at Lordswood Girls School. Unfortunately, the majority of the growth is not on Council controlled land and from the report it would seem there is limited action that can be taken. Despite this Grainger have agreed a 3 year treatment and management plan to remove the Knotweed from the Circle, Square and Bowling Green. We shall monitor closely whether this is carried through to a successful conclusion. All residents should be extremely vigilant for further outbreaks of this plant. It is extremely difficult to control and can have significant financial implications for property owners if discovered. Treating it weakens the plant until finally it will die but this can take longer than 3 years and treatment needs to be continued until there is no more evidence of growth.

      Further Update - September 3rd 2010

      Following efforts by the Residents Association over many years culminating in a petition to the Council, the first steps have finally been taken to deal with the Estate's Japanese Knotweed problem. The treatment is already having effect as can be seen from the photograph. We are advised though that It has to be left in its dead-looking brown condition for a while longer before being cut down to allow time for the treatment to spread right through its system to the roots. Further courses of treatment as growth recurs will be needed over the next couple of years and we shall be monitoring this closely with your assistance. We will also be monitoring the outbreaks at the Bowling Green, the Circle flats, The Square and Orchard to see if the same progress is being achieved there.

    • Riverscapes and National Identities by Tricia Cusack (co-author of the MRG Moorpool Character Appraisal)
      Painted riverscapes such as Claude Monet’s impressions of the Seine, Isaak Levitan’s Volga views, and Thomas Cole’s Hudson scenery became iconic not least because they embodied nationalist ideas about place and about culture. At a time when nationalism was taking root across Europe and the United States, the riverscape played an important role in transforming the abstract idea of the nation into a potent visual image. It not only offered a picture of a nation’s physical character, but also, through aspects such as style, the figures portrayed, and the nature of the implied spectator, it presented a cultural ideal.
      In this highly original book, Tricia Cusack explores the significance of painted riverscapes for the creation of national identities in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Europe and America. Focusing on five rivers—the Hudson, the Volga, the Seine, the Thames, and the Shannon—the author shows how just as ancient river mythologies served the ends of powerful religious and political groups, modern riverscapes incorporated dominant, often religious conceptions of the nation. Drawing on the symbolic potential of rivers to represent life and time, the riverscape provided a metaphor for the mythic stream of national history flowing unimpeded out of the past and into the future. more...

  • Coffee Mornings
    The Residents' Association held their first Coffee Morning on Saturday, January 19th 2008 and this proved to be extremely popular. It was attended by over 60 residents of all ages and even showed a modest profit (although this was not the primary intention). It ihas now become a regular monthly event.

    Held in the Lower Hall, 10:30 - 12:30, all are welcome and, as usual, any donations of cakes will be gratefully received.